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With the emergence of the concept Globalization, companies have expanded their market reach considerably.  It has increased the need of Suitable Manpower in diverse industries more than ever.

 We do not believe in placing candidates randomly just for the purpose of filling the vacancy, rather we screen the profiles of candidates and place them as per their skills, expertise and interests. It is worthwhile to mention that we have repeatedly received appreciation for delighting the clients by meeting their vital requirements. This ensures a very concrete and loyal relationship with the Industries and Companies. Our company is trusted globally for providing a common platform to the job seekers and the recruiters a common platform for exploring their chance to work together.

Finding a job in today’s job market requires connections, resourcefulness, and expertise.  We’re here to help make your job search targeted and efficient, and we’re the only career partner you need.

The College  has Iniciated by Prof. Rahul Ravalia, an ardent supporter for human resource.

Focus Areas (Where Marketing and Management needed)        

·       Industry Focus

·       Banking and Financial Services

·       Insurance

·       Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

·       Consulting and Engineering

·       Manufacturing and FMCG

·       Real Estate

·       Media and Travel



Functional Areas

·       Finance & Accounting and Audit

·       Administration & Personnel

·       Human Resources

·       Sales & Marketing

·       Business Development & Key Account

·       Customer Service

·       Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Procurement

·       Export & Import

·       Equity Research Analyst

·       Front Office, Secretarial & Support

·       Top Management



 Earn while Learn

 Students who are interested in Part-Time Job while studding are requested to contact Dr. Haresh Vaishnani.

 જે વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ભણવાની સાથે-સાથે Part-Time Job કરવા માંગતા હોઈ તેમને Dr. Haresh Vaishnani નો કોન્ટેક્ટ કરવો.


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